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Rock On Radio LogoRock On Radio is a New Jersey online radio show hosted by Danny Coleman. Rock On Radio’s goal is to help artists in the tri-state area reach a wider audience and make new fans.  Rock On Radio airs weekly on Sunday nights at 10:00 pm EST  at www.wifi1460am.com.  Eat Sleep Breathe Music also loves promoting local artists so we interviewed Danny to learn more about the show.

ESBM: When did you start Rock on Radio and why?
Coleman: ROCK ON RADIO was a concept that I’ve been toying with for the last several years. I was inspired to do the program by two friends of mine in radio. My band had been asked to be part of a compilation CD that promoted drunk driving awareness; they asked us to be on their programs to discuss the CD and the cause. I remember thinking to myself,”What a great idea for a show.” I figured that I could combine my interest in radio, with my musical knowledge, and help promote other artists. I finally got a chance to make it a reality, when I answered an ad on craigslist. WIFI AM was looking for radio show ideas/hosts; so I made the pitch, and they bought it. I did my first show in April of this year….and it’s now been picked up by another station, and I’m in negotiations to be added on another. To say I’m happy is an understatement.

ESBM: What is your average number of listeners each week?
Coleman: Between the two stations, I average more than 105,000 just on-line listeners every week.

ESBM: What is your key demographic?
Fortunately for me, there is modern technology. With the advent of the internet the show can be heard all over the world. I’ve got listeners all across the U.S. as well as in Canada and Europe. I know this as fact because I receive on-air calls,e-mails, and comments from these locations.
My listeners range from their early twenties, up to their mid fifties. Most of my correspondence comes from females…but I can’t say for sure whether or not that they dominate my listenership.

ESBM:Do you specialize in specific genres of music?
I concentrate mostly on rock music; although I have had a comedian and an actress on the program in the past. Lately, I seem to be getting many solo acoustic artists. However, I’m very open to anyone who contacts me; provided the music is clean. I won’t do artists who feel the need to punctuate their material with four letter words. I don’t see a reason to drop gratuitous “F” bombs every other verse…

ESBM: How do you pick your artists to interview?
I actually draw my guests from numerous sources. Some come from me reaching out to them, others by reaching out to me. There is an acoustic songwriters showcase Wednesday evenings in Trenton, NJ at Katmandu bar/restaurant (www.myspace.com/katmanduindiemusicevents), that is loaded with incredible talent. I get guest requests through here, from agents wanting to book their acts, to the always popular word of mouth. I get contact requests to appear on the program from Philadelphia Pa. to NYC. and all points inbetween.

ESBM: Are they mostly unsigned artists?
To date, all but one have been unsigned artists. One of the reasons that I started the show; was to give unsigned artists a chance to showcase their talent…and hopefully get noticed. I have been in recent contact with several national acts, so hopefully I’ll be able to start throwing them into the mix soon.

Danny Coleman
Danny Coleman

ESBM:Who was your favorite interview?
Oh boy…(lol)….nothing like putting me on the spot! (lol) They’re all my favorite! Seriously though, there have been a few “clunkers” but overall they’ve all been fantastic.

ESBM:How can artists get in touch with you to be interviewed on your show?
To be a guest on ROCK ON RADIO, just contact me through the show myspace page; where you can see the show schedule at www.myspace.com/rockonradio1460 or by e-mail at Rockonradio1460@hotmail.com .

Upcoming Shows:

November 8th – Princeton NJ resident & rock/country/jazz artist SANDY ZIO. Her debut CD ALL I AM is fantastic! www.myspace.com/sandyzio

November 15th – New Jersey’s own PATTY BLEE stops by the studio. This very accomplished rock/Americana artist with a country flare is an incredible talent! www.myspace.com/pattyblee

November 22nd – THE BOOMERS  Describing theirselves as “Americomica” they combine classic rock with humorous lyrics. Claiming that they’re “Too young for medi-care and too old for chicks to care” this should be one interesting evening. www.seetheboomers.com

November 29th – Sleepers Wake These experimental/alternative rockers from Hopewell NJ have a great sound and are regulars on the NYC circuit! www.myspace.com/sleeperswake

December 6th –  New Jersey pop/soul classic rocker Pat “THE SOUL CAT” Toner. His old time rockin’ bluesy style is high energy for sure. www.myspace.com/patthesoulcat

December 13th – East Windsor NJ singer/songwriter KIM YARSON graces the studio with an appearance. We’ll be discussing her successful “Songwriters In The Round” concert series as well as her new CD “SATISFIED” www.myspace.com/kimyarson

December 20th – Bucks County Pa. singer/songwriter LISA JONES will be the guest on this first EVER…two hour…ROCK ON RADIO “Christmas Special!” Join us as we discuss her musical career, hear her holiday tunes, as well as play seasonal cuts from various Indie artists! Check LISA JONES out at www.myspace.com/lisajones1313

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