CMJ Recap: Day 5

I woke up on Saturday, not sure how I would be feeling after the lack of sleep and the cold that started to creep in the day before. After laying around for a couple hours I decided to go out and see some bands.

I headed into the city to meet Lauren and then we headed over to see the 7 P.M. set of Future Future at Bowery Poetry Club. This duo is talented beyond their years. While they didn’t say much, I thoroughly enjoyed their electronica rock lead by gritty, shredding guitars and heavy drum beats.

After seeing the band, I was in the mood for some wonton soup and since we were near China Town we figured we would be able to find a place to eat no problem. To our disappointment, all that stood around the area was restaurant supply stores So we headed back towards the West Village to this place on Bleecker. After eating now all I had to deal with was being cold and damp. Luckily, Lauren lived near by so we went to dry off at her place.

I blow dryed my shoes until they no longer squished and I was ready to head out again and see more bands. We decided to go to Ludlow and checked out the bands at The Cake Shop, Pianos, The Living Room.

The Cake Shop was running a bit behind when we got in and we saw the last two songs of a girl band who I did’t get the name, but I liked from the little bit I heard. They infuzzed jazzy saxaphones into punk rock. There was a big time break between sets so we went upstaris to grab a coffee before watching a few songs of Weekend before heading to Pianos to catch Glasser. The crowd was so overwhelming for the size of the room so we left and went back to the Cake Shop to see the Scotland band  Twin Atlantic who put on a rocking show.

Before heading home we stopped by the Blue Note to check out Marcus Johnson. We only stayed for a few songs since I was practically falling asleep at the table. I really enjoyed the little bit of the show but was way too tired to see the whole thing. I headed home around 2 A.M. and didn’t get home until around 3 A.M. since the train took forever to come.

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