CMJ Recap: Day 2

We got a late start, so we decided to head over to The Ace of Clubs on Great Jones St. to check out  the bands that were playing there.

We got there in the middle of the Clothes Make the Man’s set and I enjoyed hearing this Canadian based band.

Next was Red Collar who only had three fourths of their members play. The drummer had dislocated his elbow at a Kohl’s parking lot in Secaucus, NJ where they landed after taking a wrong turn. On a bet they had a shopping cart race where the drummer was in the cart. After the cart hit a curb the drummer injured his arm when he jumped out of the shopping cart. The story was told to the audience by the lead vocalist in between songs. It was fun to get a story along with the music.  They had a great sound and their interesting storytelling kept the audience’s attention.

The last band we saw there was The Wrecking, from Portland, Maine.  Although their set seemed short in comparison to the other bands, they left me in a sense of awe. I was intrigued by their movement on stage. At one point in the performance they had what seemed like a never ending drum solo. While it wasn’t really a solo since all the members had rotated and each took a turn drumming and were drumming together. It was really different. I have never seen anything like that. It was so cool!

After The Wrecking we left the Ace of Clubs to go over to Highline Ballroom for the Spin Magazine party. We got there in time to see Clipse. The rap duo came out with crazy bling around thier necks that were about the size of a wallet and started spitting ryhmes. The place was really crowded and I felt like I was going to pass out since it was so hot. Despite the heat, it was still fun. Everyone was dancing and bouncing to the beats.

After Clipse I decided I was ready for bed and called it a night.

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