Paul & The Patients "To The Lions" Project

This week Brooklyn quintet Paul & The Patients are embarking upon the “To The Lions” project. It is an endeavor that will see them releasing a new self-recorded composition to the public every week for the foreseeable future. The songs, beginning with the engaging “Tiny Red Light,” will be available for both free and paid download on via the bands Song of The Week blog.

“Tiny Red Light,” Paul says the “song was written about a fight I had with a girl about my seemingly constant drinking. We had gone to bed, still angry, and neither one of us could sleep. The only source of light in the room was the tiny red light on the TV that means it’s turned off. The lyric is really the unspoken conversation we had while staring at that light.”

Earlier this May, Paul & The Patients released To The Lions (American Myth), a five song debut EP that barely marked the tip of the iceberg when it came to the catalog of compositions that Paul Holmes had been creating during long days and nights of songwriting. In the months since, and as he had done before the EP’s release, Paul would send along new home-recorded songs to friends and family via email once or twice a week without fail. Some had been recorded with the full band at their practice space, while others were solo and completely off the cuff. Or at least more so than the others, which were all written and recorded in short order. The lack of an outlet for these songs felt stifling, and so rather than let them collect dust and go without being listened to, Paul & The Patients decided they’d release them week-by-week on their own.

They have an authentic styling of progressive and classic rock. I really dig this stuff!

Check out the band’s  website and  MySpace page as they continue the project next week with their second installment of the “To The Lions” project.
The band is also playing the CMJ Music Marathon next Wednesday, October 21st at The Rumble CMJ party at Southpaw in Brooklyn and then At Arlene’s Grocery in NYC on the 23rd.

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