Exclusive Premiere of Tokio Hotel's Humanoid on Myspace Today

Head over to Tokio Hotel’s Myspace for an exclusive listen of their album Humanoid. The first single, “Automatic” is a metallic anthem with layered, buzzing guitars, stomping percussion, and a falsetto chorus made to be belted out by a stadium full of people while “World Behind My Wall” redefines the power ballad with depth, introspection, musical confidence and an irresistible sing-along chorus. The band tracked songs in Hamburg, Miami, and L.A. “Bill drove us all crazy, constantly coming in with things, even though the old songs werent finished yet,” says Tom, who’s fond of frequently ribbing his brother. “Apart from that, we just didnt limit ourselves, and we used new instruments.”

The album does not hit stores until tomorrow, but the band is streaming all 12 tracks from the standard version until midnight. Like what you hear? Preorder the sci-fi themed release onTokio Hotel now.

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