Donora's "I Think I Like You" Video

We saw Donora rock out at The Saint in Asbury Park with Action Design, Sick of Sarah, and Last Perfect Thing on September 24th. Check out Donora’s “I Think I Like You” video, awesome hula hoop skills! This song is available now on iTunes. Donora - Donora

Donora is:

Casey Hanner – Vocals / Guitar
Jake Hanner – Drums
Jake Churton – Bass

About Donora:

Jake H. met Casey a few hours after she was born. He was disappointed she was a girl and cried. Eighteen years later, he got over it, and they started a band. A few years after that, they suckered another kid named Jake into playing bass. After shooting down Caseys idea to name the band Casey and the Jakes, they became Donora.

Jake H. plays the drums, triggers samples from his octapad, and sings backup. Casey sings and tries very hard to remember the right guitar chords to play. Jake C. plays bass and reminds Casey which key each song starts in. Together they play melodic, dance-worthy, garage rock.

For more information visit Donora on  MySpace page.

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