Carmen Reece Makes Billboard Chart History

Breakout recording star Carmen Reece just made Billboard Chart history with her hypnotic debut single, “Right Here.” She is officially the first new artist with a debut single to EVER climb from #12 to #3 in only 2 weeks on the Billboard Top 40 Dance Airplay Chart! Also, she is the first new artist to debut at #12 on the same chart, in the last 5 years!

If you haven’t heard it yet, listen to Carmen’s smash single, “Right Here” now here!

Recently, Carmen stopped by Chicago Radio Station B96 and gave an unplugged performance for the Comcast Couch. Check out this video to hear evocative new versions of her ballads, “Bullet Through My Heart” and “Long Goodbye!”

Get her single “Right Here” now on Amazon and Carmen Reece!

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