All-American Rejects Cancels Tour Dates – Tyson Ritter Is Not On Crack

Check out this YouTube video The All-American Rejects posted to their YouTube channel explaining Tyson Ritter’s recent health problems. With several stories circulating after cancelling a handful of dates on the Blink 182 tour, Tyson took to YouTube to clear up what happened over the past few weeks. Watch Tyson recount the story of getting an infection in his knee that spread to his bloodstream. Although he dropped weight in the hospital, the AAR front man is on his way to recovery after surgery and in great spirits. Check out the clip here to learn what fans can expect next from AAR and stay tuned for the forthcoming video for their single “I Wanna” which is available on The All-American Rejects - When the World Comes Down - I Wannanow.

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