Robert Francis Before Nightfall EPK

Artists are often plague ridden by their desire to create. Drowning in desperation to transform their festering emotion in reaction to the world around them into a format that they can share with others– to finally reach understanding is an enduring battle. From the belly of Los Angeles, climbing out of the dust, glitter and golden sunshine stumbles Robert Francis. You would never guess from his upcoming release Before Nightfall that this twenty-one year old is so young in years. Steady as a the pull of the moon on earth, Robert’s fluid voice glides across the divide between the music and the listener as thick as honey. Unbelievably heart wrenching and pure it only takes one listen for these melodies and lyrics to be trapped inside your head. Honesty, honesty, honesty is the one thing that Robert is striving to share with his audience and nothing could be more bare and unguarded as his lyrics from songs such as, “Darkness,” “Do What I Can” and “Junebug.” The secret weapon, however, for Before Nightfall is that their is no singular track that stands out on its’ own. They all do, each written with care and consideration and laid down LA’s Sunset Sound studios within a circle of concentration where the band members could not escape each others artistry and reaction to their sound. Atlantic Records proudly announces Robert to the world on Tuesday, October 20th. Less than a month away, we invite you to check out an exclusive EPK put together for the band. Watch it below!

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