Win an iPod Touch courtesy of MISHON and!

Photo Courtesy of Dynasty/Streamline/Interscope
Photo Courtesy of Dynasty/Streamline/Interscope

Tune in to the “Big Show” with DJ Boz Monday-Thursday at 6-10pm EST for your chance to win!!

How to win

1) Listen for MISHON’s new single “Just A Kiss” on the “Big Show”
2) Be caller #10 and sing the lyrics to MISHON’s new single “Just A Kiss”

On Friday all the singers from Monday-Thursday will compete to see who sung MISHON’s song the Best.

The Winner will receive a brand new iPod Touch from MISHON!

Easy As That!

MISHON Mondays runs from Monday 9.21.09 and ends on Friday 10.9.09 so go ahead an start practicing!

Click here for additional details

MISHON also recently returned to your TV screen with the start of the fourth season of ABC Family Drama, Lincoln Heights.

Now MISHON wants to know how well you know him, the singer of your favorite song “Just a Kiss”, versus how well you know his TV character Tay Sutton.

Take the quiz and find out! Test your knowledge here!

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