Vagina Panther "Dave Your Killing Me" Video

Photo Courtesy of Vagina Panther
Photo Courtesy of Vagina Panther

The new Vagina Panther Video, “Dave You are Killing Me”  was conceived and directed by the reclusive New York directorial collective: Satan’s Pearl Horses. Shot over two months, in a magical closet at a Greenpoint, Brooklyn townhouse, the team used state of the art-tron robots to animate the video. “Dave, You’re Killing Me,” finds the band frolicking in an enchanted forest and through using the power of film, magic, mirrors, awesome, peace, war, love, hate, and stop-motion –their alter-egos come to life, turning the members of Vagina Panther into juicy, pulsating, dancing, gyrating crotch monsters.

Their self-titled album is available now.  Get in on Amazon and Vagina Panther.

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