Party Rock: A Pulsating Rockin' Dance Mix

Photo Courtesy of Music Group / Interscope
Photo Courtesy of Music Group / Interscope

We knew that LMFAO has a great knack for re-styling awesome dance mixes for artists like Lady Gaga and Kayne West, now the electro hip-hop duo has released their own album.

Party Rock is the perfect mix of  pulsating dance grooves and smooth rhymes.  The title of the album defines what these guys are all about; partying and having fun. Song’s like “What Happens At The Club,” “Yes,” and “Shots”  boasts going to the club, drinking, and hooking up.

My favorite tracks are the electro based “LA LA LA,” the crooning, beat popping “I’m Leaving You For The Groove,” and the heartfelt “Scream My Name.”

Party Rock is a great album for dancing and rocking out. Get it now on LMFAO!

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