AFI Crash Love

Davey Havok, Jade Puget, Hunter Burgan and Adam Carson, collectively known as AFI, will release their eighth studio album, CRASH LOVE, September 29th on DGC/Interscope Records. Produced by Joe McGrath (Alkaline Trio, Green Day) and Jacknife Lee (U2, Weezer), CRASH LOVE is possibly AFI’s most focused, direct, and ambitious effort to date.

“I am so proud of this record. I really believe it’s the best AFI record. It honestly feels like we’ve made our first truly timeless record. We didn’t set out to do that–you can’t set out to do something like that–but it definitely feels like that’s what we’ve achieved: created the album by which we’ll be remembered,” expressed front man Havok.

CRASH LOVE, the follow up to platinum albums Sing The Sorrow (2003) and DECEMBERUNDERGROUND (2006), will hit stores September 29th.  You can a first taste of the single “Medicate” and pre-order the album on AFI.

Fans who pre-order the album from AFI will also receive the exclusive bonus track, “Breathing Towers to Heaven,” an unreleased demo from the CRASH LOVE sessions.

1. Torch Song
2. Beautiful Thieves
3. End Transmission
4. Too Shy To Scream
5. Veronica Sawyer Smokes
6. OK, I feel Better Now
7. Medicate
8. I Am Trying Very Hard To Be Here
9. Sacrilege
10. Darling, I Want To Destroy You
11. Cold Hands
12. It Was Mine

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