Vans Warped Tour 2009 Recap

I am slightly embarrassed to reveal to everyone that this was my first Warped Tour ever.  I was always afraid to be out in the July heat with no shade.  However, this year Eat Sleep Breathe Music got free tickets thanks to Fanscape and KIA, so I couldn’t pass it up!

Arriving around 2 pm due to unanticipated traffic, we picked up our tickets to find that they were actually VIP wristbands!  Giddy with anticipation of what this would entail we couldn’t wait to get inside!

Immersing ourselves in the crowd, the energy was high and fueling everyone. Ionia was on when we got there.  They were awesome!  Not one person in the crowd could take their eyes off Blaise Beyhan.

After this everything happened so fast.

We ran into Status Green promoting themselves with free body art.

Confirmed Theodore Grimm’s set time

Found the board and committed set times and stages to memory, or rather cell phones.

Saw this band who was really good but I didn’t catch their name, boo.   I hate when that happens.

Met some really cool artists promoting their bands and selling CD’s including Chris from Venetia Fair who reluctantly gave us a free CD, which is rock, dancy and sexy all in one but I can’t find their MySpace page!

Ate really good food.

Met up with Chris who was working but took us on a golf cart ride all around the park.

Realized we could get backstage with our VIP wristbands. Yay!!

Saw Big D and the Kids Table perform from backstage! They were really good, and the backup singers were so cute!

We then made a dash to the STO stage on the other side of the parking lot to see a rockin’ performance by Theodore Grimm. Love the new songs!

After TG we ran backstage to see Bad Religion, and got there just in time to get on stage and watch from the sidelines; a fabulous experience!

Watched All Time Low from the crowd; they sounded amazing!

Realized it was really hard to see everyone we wanted to see and we were completely exhausted.

I had a great time and awesome experience Now I just need VIP backstage for every show I go to!

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