Michael Jackson Passes: Another Legend Lost

Michael Jackson Live Archive

Today is a sad day. We have lost a musical legend. It’s a shocking revelation to think that the King of Pop has passed on.

With accusations of child molestation and baby balcony debacles, MJ has been quite a tabloid hot topic over the past few years, however, the debauchery in his personal life does not overshadow the major impact he has made on the world of music.

With his infectious mix of R&B, pop, and rock music, he was a revolutionary who broke racial barriers gaining fans across the globe and setting himself at the top of the charts. He was an innovator with his killer dance moves and music videos that became a staple on the music channel MTV.

Aside from thrilling fans, Jackson has been a great influence on many of today’s artists. Without him we would not have artists like Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Whitney Houston and Fall Out Boy.

His inspiration and music will be alive for ever. He will be greatly missed.

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