Electrick Red "How To Be A Lady: Volume 1" Streaming on MySpace Now!

Myspacescreen1 Photo Courtesy of Def Jam Records

With their fierce and sexy sound, Electrik Red is not your average girl group. Kyndra "Binkie" Reevey, Lesley Lewis, Naomi Allen and Sarah Rosete came together in 2005 after being back up-dancers for Usher on his 2004 Confessions tour. They were signed to Def Jam Recordings in 2008.

With bass kicking pop and R&B melodies, along with the smooth production of The-Dream and Tricky Stewart, these sirens have created a tantalizing erotic sound that is a female anthem for taking the reigns of their sexuality. Electrik Red gives a new definition of what it means to be a Lady.

Their debut album How to be A Lady: Volume 1 is compilation of 14 tracks of charismatic, pulsating beats filled with bedroom lyrical feminine empowerment. The album is being released on May 26. It is currently streaming on MySpace. Listen to it here!  The band currently has three singles "Drink in My Cup," "So Good," and "Friend Lover." Get them on Electrik Red now!

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