Green Day's 21st Century Breakdown

Photo Courtesy of Reprise Records

After a five year hiatus; the band’s longest gap between studio albums, the punk rock trio released, 21st Century Breakdown. Green Day had been working on material since early 2006 and by October 2007, Billie Joe Armstrong had 45 songs written. However, it wasn’t until October 2008 that they had made further musical progress, when a video of the group recording with producer Butch Vig in the studio was posted on YouTube. Three years of writing and recording paid off when the band completed the album in April 2009. It was released it to the public on May 15th 2009.

I’m beyond glad that they did it!  21st Century Breakdown is simply a masterpiece with its freshness and vibrancy. The punk rock guys really have done it again! The CD is a story about two young punk lovers on the run in the wreckage of post-Bush America. Green Day broke the album up into three parts to tell their story: Act 1 – Heroes and Cons; Act 2 – Charlatans and Saints; Act 3 – Horseshoes and Hand grenades.   If you were looking for more long songs like on their last album you are out of luck, only two of their songs passed the 5 minute mark vs. their last CD with songs reaching the nine minute mark.

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By Jessica Friedman

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