Rocking Under The Radar: A Moment’s Worth

photo by Rosemarie Feichtl
Bronx band, A Moment’s Worth is comprised of members Alex Bondarev (lead vocals, guitar), Anthony Albanese (guitar), Frank Quarto (drums), Johnny Endico (bass), and Nicola Terzulli (guitar). The band originally formed in elementary school under the name Dibs on Anthony with Bondarev, Albanese, Quarto, and Chris Ragone as the bassist. They played as under this name until their first full length release in 2004, Ironic Last Words. After the release, bass player Chris Ragone left the band and Johnny Endico stepped in to take his place. In the summer of 2007, friend and the producer, Nicola Terzulli, joined as an additional guitarist. With the new additions to the band, AMW released their second full-length self-titled album the same year. In the summer 2008, the band released a 7 track EP entitled, Sleepless.

While there are a lot of rock, pop-punk bands out there, AMW stands out from the crowd. I first heard  of the band when I saw them play an acoustic set earlier this year at Angels & Kings in the East Village. They caught my attention with their powerful stage presence and distinctive sound.

I haven’t heard much of their earlier music, but I must say that I really love the latest EP. The opening track “Unsound” has a hard-hitting and electrifying, upbeat vibe which I can’t get enough. The 6 tracks that follow continue to deliver a mix of speedy punk tempos and prominent power rock guitar riffs accompanied by smooth vocal harmonies to create a depth and variation that is polished off with a very professional quality. It is no wonder that they have gained notoriety from prominent media outlets as well as been honored with various awards. They are a band to watch!

Get Sleepless and their other albums on A Moment's Worth now!

The band is playing at Desmond’s Tavern NYC with The Status this Friday, May 8th. Check them out!

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