Black Lagoon are Approaching 10,000 Downloads For Their Single "Fever"

Black Lagoon are now approaching 10,000 downloads on for their newest single “Fever,” off of their soon to be released album Certified Stars. “Fever,” which is influenced by the rhythmic beats of the 80’s and composed with a combination of synthesizers, guitars and sequenced instrumentation has peaked on both WJLB and WKQI in Detroit.

Being recently added to several stations along the west coast “Fever” has picked up in air play in Sacramento, CA , Modesto, CA , Chicago, IL , Fresno, CA , Monterey. CA , Las Vegas, NV and Visalia, CA. Unlike other hip hop groups, this trio’s eclectic sound stems from the use of live instruments during recording sessions and a conglomeration of musical genres. Certified Stars is being released under the group’s BL Records and is comprised of a variety of sounds including rock, jazz and gospel.

“Fever is one of those unique records that make my set standout.  No matter what club I’m in, Fever gets the crowd hype” said DJ Paul Martindale, WKQI Channel 955 Bomb squad.

Black Lagoon has seen success in the past with the release of “Star” a world renowned single off of their freshman album The Pimp Bones LP. This single was noted as the #1 single in Detroit and helped earn them a Detroit Hip Hop and Spudd in the Hood Award.  Since the release of The Pimp Bones LP the trio has grown both musically and lyrically. With neither album being comparable, Certified Stars is a representation of the group not only as musicians but who they are as people. Unlike other groups who are chasing each other Black Lagoon has set themselves apart as the act that that is hard to follow.

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Photo Courtesy of BL Records

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