The Paradiso Girls: European Pussycat Dolls Record Release Party

The Paradiso Girls are a pop group put together by Robin Antin and are being seen as the “European Pussycat Dolls.”  Early footage shows there to be eight girls in the group, but we only know of five members: Chelsea, Aria, Kelly, Shar and Lauren.

They have recorded over 50 songs and are set to release their music sometime this year. They have been working with top producers such as Fernando Garibay,, Sean Garrett, Cee-Lo Green, Atazio, Beau Dozier, Tricky, The-Dream, Lucas Secon, and LMFAO.

There was an ad I saw on Facebook featuring this band saying if you like Lady Gaga you would like them too. The ad worked because I was intriqued to see what they were like. I listened to a couple songs on MySpace. They put a lot of effort into the music because it sounds good and is pretty catchy. The first track, “Who’s My Bitch” had weird beginning music, but I liked the comical lyrics about a girl telling the guy he wasn’t the first one who had her.  The only thing I didn’t like was that the singer’s voice was a little annoying. “WOW” is a decent song. It has a good beat. “Patron Tequila” is a typical club song about getting F***ed up featuring Lil’ John and T-pain. This is the type of song I want to hate, but after listening to it a couple of times I now have it in my head.

Overall, I would say they are eh. I don’t get the point of starting another band that sounds exactly like PCD. Unless the group is breaking up and they need have a back up band ready to fill that burlesque girl pop group flair category, right?

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