Rocking Under The Radar: Safe to Say

Hailing from Bronx, NY, Safe to Say is an ecletic rock quartet comprised of Ryan Schira (lead guitar/background vocals), Devan Schira (Bass), Lowell Thompson (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), and Brett Schneider (Drums).

The band formed in 2007 accidentally when Ryan and Lowell started writing acoustic songs together.  In January 2008, they released their Wait & See. EP. Although at first they didn’t think anything of the musical collaboration, they decided to put together a full band. With his experience of playing in Love Kids Boy throughout high school, they enlisted Ryan’s brother Devan, to play bass. Brett was added as a permanent drummer after having another friend play at a couple shows in the spring of 2008. At this point, the band was complete and ready to go. Since that time they have been working in the studio recording their sophomore full-length album release Pardon the Introduction.

Listening to Wait & See, you can hear the wide range of musical stylings this band has produced. Each track features a refreshing originality that grabs the listener’s attention. This band effectively combines everything from slow, heartfelt acoustic melodies featured on tracks like “Wait & See”  and “Hindsight,” hard-hitting rock on “Song for a Song” and “Dear Chance” and elements of reggae dub on “Shipwrecked.”

The band is playing the Spring Fling Showcase at Crash Mansion on the Lower East Side on Saturday, April 4th. Tickets are $12 and can be bought at the door. Check them out!

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