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Before I begin last night’s review, I want to address the surprising and sad early dismissal of Alexis Grace last week, whom I think was let go far too early. While I think she unfortunately, would attract a similar fan base as Alison, who is better (and this probably ultimately hurt her votes), she is better than quite a few of the contestants that are still there. While I didn’t think she would win, I thought she could definitely make it into the top 6. Even more surprising was that the Judges didn’t use their one “save” on her. We all know AI is more then just about the one lucky winner, it is about making money on their Tour. Last time I counted this new format has left us with three (out of 10) female singers one of which is not very good (I don’t care how “modern” the judges keep calling Megan, if she wasn’t pretty she would not be there). I really thought they would have used the save to balance out the ratio of the tour and gotten one of the male singers that isn’t as talented out before Alexis.

On that note, America these are your final 10 and this how I think they did on tonight’s Motown themed episode…..

Matt Giraud –

> Sang (and briefly played the piano) “Lets Get It On”, a rendition that would make Marvin Gaye Proud. I have been on the fence about Matt, but he definitely hit it out of the ballpark tonight. His JT-esque falseto’s were hot.

Kris Allen-

I have such a crush on him it is hard to be objective. His version of “How Sweet it Is” was all his own and quite good and the judges agreed. He is just so nice, likable and cute – throw in some talent and you have my vote to stay around a little longer.

Scott MacIntyre –

sang “You Can’t Hurry Love” which I have never heard sung by a male voice. His version was fun and his piano playing was decent. Overall though the song was not very enjoyable and just a little weird for me.

Megan Joy –

Sang “For Once in My Life” and looked good doing it, but as you already know I am not a fan, and tonight didn’t change my mind. It was horrible and did not suit her so-called unique style.

Anoop Desai

His rendition of “Ooh Baby Baby” nailed it. Smooth, sensual, with great delivery. The performance was a tad boring but compared to the prior two songs it was much enjoyed.

Michael Sarver –

Had fun with “Ain’t to Proud to Beg” and showcased his personality. Overall it was OK just not great when you compare it to the last two guys of the evening that were to come.

Lil Rounds –

Came out looking gorgeous belting out “Heat Wave” with some her typically strong vocals. The performance was a combination of the best of the last two contestants – fun with quality vocals and anything but boring. The judges felt it didn’t showcase her strong voice enough but we know she can sing, it was nice to see another side of her.

Adam Lambert –

I think Adam by far has the best vocals and talent of the group and tonight he surprised me by not doing anything crazy and showcasing himself all cleaned up and not made up (and looking very handsome doing so). He traded in his make up, nail polish, and usual theatrics for an amazing striped down performance of “Tracks of My Tears” that was absolutely phenomenal down to the last high note. By far the best of the night and I am sure it had the audience swooning with his unique tender interpretation of the song. I also thought he looked quite sexy doing it (he is my other idol crush after all), like a young hot Elvis. If America sees more of this side or gets used to his over the top persona, he has what it take to be our next idol.

Danny Gokey –

Next up was the other big contender for our Idol. Danny sang “Get Ready” which was very enjoyable and overall thought it was a pretty good performance. His vocals were first-rate but it was not one of his best.

Allison Iraheta –

Ended the night on a high note with her performance of “Papa was a Rolling Stone”. I think this performance showed a funkier and more fun side of this young red-headed rocker while still proving that Alison has extremely strong vocals for someone her age. She is one to watch out for.

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