Kate Voegele Premieres New Song "Manhattan From the Sky"

Songstress, Kate Voegele’s new song “Manhattan From the Sky,” is now available on Kate Voegele - Manhattan from the Sky - Single!

The Song was featured on last night’s episode of One Tree Hill and is one of the new songs offer her upcoming release, A Fine Mess, due out in May.

Voegele who plays the spunky Mia on the popular teen drama, calls the placement of “Manhattan From the Sky” “the most amazing thing ever.” “The coolest thing is how they worked the song into hte show so that it enhanced the scene and how the scene enhanced the song.”

She says the idea for the piano-driven pop number came to her while sitting in plane, 30,000 feet above New York City. “I was just thinking about how Manhattan looks like a little piece of Lego,” Voegele recalls, “but once you’re inside, it’s totally crazy and messy and there’s a wonderful chaos going on all around the city.”

In case you missed the episode last night, check out a montage picece of the show featuring footage of her character Mia’s budding romance with Chase set to the music of “Manhattan From The Sky.”

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