Rocking Under The Radar: Status Green

Status Green Band | Eat Sleep Breathe Music
  • Lou Montesano – Lead Vocals
  • Chris Marino – Guitars, Vocals
  • Russell Tolas – Bass, Vocals
  • Mike Montalto – Drums

Friday night at the Jersey Shore, Alison and I headed over to Leggetts in Manasquan to check out Status Green; one of the many bands we found on MySpace.  I didn’t remember until I got there that I absolutely hate, hate, hate Leggetts.  We arrived around 9:30 and the bar is bright as day, most of the people there are 60+ and the bartender is raffling off gift baskets.  One drink in we almost left but we were lucky enough to charm some old men into giving up their seats at the bar right next to where the band performs.   The crowd started to change just before the band went on.

Status Green was awesome and now I can’t stop listening to their CD’s. Their music is an eclectic mix of many different genres.  They played three sets which included most of the songs from The Greatest Hits Volume 1 CD released in 2006 and their EP that was released in 2008.  The band has a lot of energy and stage presence; even in this small venue Lou jumped up on the bar and rocked out.  They seem to love interacting with the crowd and made Leggetts enjoyable.

Keep your eye out for Status Green they will be the next big band from NJ.  They are playing the Stone Pony on May 2nd, details available soon.  Check out MySpace for additional dates on upcoming shows.

Must Have Tracks: “Darling Oh,”  “The Elephant Song,” “Better Off,”  “Juggling Knives” off their album Cheap Sunglasses on Amazon.

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