Bad Flirt At Santos House Party

Santos House Party is a really cute venue. It has a good size floor, and elevated areas with tables and benches to sit at on each side of the room. We walked in and decided to sit at the table elevated on the left behind the sound guy.

The first band was a trio of three girls wearing high heels with dark green cover-ups that reminded me of something that mechanics would wear. On their faces were alien masks. They didn’t introduce themselves, but to the side, there was a pink sign that said “Bambi Killers,” so I assumed this was their name.

They started with a song about UFOs and Alien. I liked the song. It had a hard punk rock sound that was very gritty and raw. The rest of their set was more like a performance art piece than a straight-up musical act. It was interesting, to say the least. I liked the storyline and dancing, but it was a little much when they started to pretend to rape the one girl with a bottle and then poured blood all over themselves. After it was over I thought to myself I don’t know how I feel about this. I still don’t know.

The second act was a rock band called The Professionals. They had a good heavy rock sound, but they were kind of boring. Sitting there my initial impression was eh. Although the lead singer had a pretty good voice, I felt like all the songs blended together. One song reminded me a bit of that song “Not an Addict” by K’s Choice.

Bad Flirt took the stage a little after nine. I was quite excited to see the band after hearing and enjoying their current album Virgin Talk. I don’t know if it was due to the lack of audience or what but I felt the performance was a little awkward and uncomfortable. I think that I would have acted the same way if it was me up there and there wasn’t anyone there for my show. The music was a little to loud over the vocals of lead singer Jasamine White Gluz, however, I did enjoy their high-energy rock sound. All in all, they seemed really short to me and I was hoping for more. Overall, I do like them.

Get their album Virgin Talk out now.

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