New York City's "92.3 Now" to launch Wednesday at 5

Two weeks after it unleashed “Amp 97.1” on Los Angeles, CBS announces another CHR conversion – this time at low-rated “92.3 K-Rock” WXRK. And just as it did in Los Angeles, it’s giving the market several days to get ready, and giving the K-Rock jocks time to adjust. Radio-Info hears that CBS salespeople are on the street now, talking about the coming switch to CHR as “Now.” K-Rock has moved 1.7-1.5-1.5 12+ in the last three Arbitron monthly PPM books, ranking 21st in the January survey. The rock station was Howard Stern’s flagship until he left at the end of 2005, when it tried full time talk as “Free FM.” It returned to rock in May 2007.

There are fewer and fewer rock stations around these days. First GRock is changing formats, now K-Rock. What a bummer!

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