Limp Bizkit Back with Guitarist, Wes Borland

Limp Bizkit at MTV Photo Shoot

Early last month, it was announced that Fred Durst was reuniting with members of Limp Bizkit to go on tour. Now, I’m all about reunions, but I’m not really feeling this one and I don’t know why.

There was a time when I was all about LB; buying every album that came out and going to every show they played. I remember how funny and kind of gross it was that Durst looked like he was wearing the same outfit at each concert and every appearance they did. Now I”m kind of like “eh.” It doesn’t pull at my heartstrings as much as the NKOTB reunion did. Maybe I’ve had my fill of LB and I’m done. Maybe E! online is right, who cares… I am curious to see what new music they put out though. I also do totally have a crush on Wes Borland though and always thought he was a good guitarist.

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