Michael Jackson Making a Comeback

Michael Jackson shops with Christian Audigier on Rodeo Dr.I heard that Michael Jackson might be hitting the tour circuit once again. There are talks of a comeback with 30 live shows in London and Las Vegas to start this year.

We’ll if it worked for New Kids, I think it will definately work for the King of Pop. He seems to be strapped for cash these days and what better way to make money than doing a massive tour.

I think MJ is a great artist, however, he is a little eccentric and nutty. With all the bad press he’s been getting over the past couple year, will he still be able to make money on this?

I think so. There are a lot of die-hard fans out there who will be up and ready to pay any price to see Wacko Jacko.

One more comeback to add to the list…

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