Live Nation, Ticketmaster Possible Merger

Ticketmaster and Live Nation Chief executives visited Capital Hill, Tuesday to discuss the changes concert arena and the current ticket blunder that occurred to Springsteen fans trying to buy concert tickets.

The Senate addressed their concerns of rising ticket prices in a faltering economy along and also tried to urge Ticketmaster to sell off its subsidiary Tickets Now to the CEO’s

Along with Irving Azoff, CEO of Ticketmaster, Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino, discussed how they wanted to create work to approach a merger of the two companies in order to “protect employees, reward shareholders, and better service artists and fans.”

Although these two men feel the merger would be a good investment. Some are skeptical. David Balto, from the Center for American Progress, thinks the merger will give these companies too much market power.

“I think it’s extremely unlikely that these convenience and service charges are going to go down,” he said. “This is a competitively unhealthy market.”

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