Random Thoughts On the Grammys…

Despite the ton of performances, the show was pretty boring.  A lot of them lacked substance.

Robert Plant has some crazy hair. I like that collaboration with Alison Kraus.

I didn't realize that Jason Mraz was so popular. I remember when he first came out back in 2003. They were trying to push his cd out all over the place.

Wasn't really feeling the Jay-Z/Chris Martin interlude. I"m kind of sick of Coldplay…

Katy Perry didn't sound that great. The performance was kind of weird. She didn't really seem into it. It might have been better doing something else. Was she supposed to be looking like confused and out of it?

I liked the Estelle/Kanye West song…last year when it first came out.

It sounded like one of the Jonas Brothers was going through puberty during his peformance. That one part it sounded like his voice cracked a bit.

Blink-182 looked very uncomfortable on stage together. I think they were upset they had to read the script. What was up with Travis' arm? And why did they make him open the envelope when he's injured. I'm excited they are back! That is awesome!

I really like Neil Diamond's music, but the song was just too slow.

I give M.I.A a lot of credit for going up there and performing when she's ready to pop.

I liked the tribute to The Four Tops. I love Motown music! It's just so happy.

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