Jonathan Knight Outed By Ex-Lover

New Kids On The Block Unveil Portraits At The Palm RestaurantThe National Enquirer is reporting that Jonathan Knight, member of 80’s boy band New Kids on the Block, has been outed by an ex-boyfriend named Kyle Wilker who is claiming they were involved in a secret romance for about 18 months leading up to NKOTB’s reunion last year.

Wilker said that Jonathan revealed that he “preferred guys to girls” after having dated 80’s popstar Tiffany. So She turned him gay, huh? Ha!

In a way I’m not that surprised by this story. There were whisperings going on that Jon was gay and I guess now we have the pictures to prove it. One person I talked to about this even equated it with the coming out of Clay Aiken.

Now would probably be the best time to officially come out since, they have been getting a lot of press. If Lance Bass can do, why not Jon Knight.

Well, I know a lot of women out there may be upset that Jon is batting for the other team.

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