Jennifer Aniston Just Wants to Have Fun

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer hit up NYC hotspot La Esquina for dinnerBret Michaels Performs At The Palms

Jennifer Aniston is sick of her inconsistent relationship with John Mayer, but she’s not about to break things off because “no girl wants to spend every night alone,” a source tells the Daily News. Mayer would much prefer to focus on his new album and upcoming variety show right now, and apparently his goal for 2009 is to keep a low profile – something Aniston is not. But if they do officially split, Aniston has many fans waiting in the wings, including Rock of Love star Bret Michaels, who has a major crush on her.

Poor Jen. Too bad John is too consumed with his career. How many times is she going to go through this? Maybe she should take a page of advice from “He’s Not that Into You.” At least she’s got a bunch of guys lined up ready to date her. That’s too funny about Brett Michaels.

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