Rich Cronin Billion Dollar Sound

If it wasn’t for Howard Stern I wouldn’t even know about this guy.  I caught the Rich Cronin interview on Howard Sterns Sirius station on Wednesday morning while driving into work.  Rich Cronin was a member of the 90’s boy band LFO.  I remember one LFO song and it was really really bad.  He was hilarious on the show and I become intrigued by him.  As soon as I got the chance I Googled him to find out which member he was, when his CD came out and the most important question, are any of his songs good.  He is more talented than most boy band members writing all of his music and lyrics.

Here he is pictured on the left at Runway for VH1’s screening of “Mission: Man Band” along with other ex-boy band members.

Screening Of VH1's "Mission: Man Band" At Runway

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