Check Out This Artist: Leslie Roy

Leslie Roy.Who is that you say? I didn’t know until today when I heard an acoustic guitar in the office at the end of my work day. I work in a media agency consisting of different divisions one of which sometimes has upcoming bands or famous people interviewing in the office for a magazine or website. So I must say I enjoyed it. The best part of it was not just a break from the norm of office life but the fact I thought it was a guy singing. My friend/co-worker was like that girl is good. I’m like girl? Girl?! Ha. I really thought she sounded like a guy! Oppies! She only played one song but it was enough to get me googling her. I learned that she is a 21-year-old Balbriggan, Ireland, native and I even listened to a few songs and liked. I guess this was a perk of the job. Check out her web page here!

Reporting by Jessica Friedman

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