MTV’s “The Hills” Great Marketing Tool for Bands and Music

The White Tie Affair perform at Macys in NYC

If you’re an avid watcher of MTV’s  The Hills you know that the music is probably one of the biggest reasons why its such a hit with viewers. You take away the soundtrack and all you have are a bunch of pretty girls with blank stares.

The music gives the show its emotion and drama. The fact that they put the name and artist of each song that is played throughout the show is really great way for bands to get their name out there.

Tonight’s episode featured the band The White Tie Affair  as they performed at a showcase for Epic Records, which is where Adurina works. The band seemed to impress Lauren, who you can tell isn’t really into music as she told Audrina that she wasn’t really into pretending to bobb her head like she was into to the band.

Watching them play, I found this band to be pretty good. The music reminds me a little bit of Fall Out Boy. They have a great sound. I especially liked “The Enemy, ” “Watching You,” and “The Letdown.” Check out their music on MySpace.

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