Song of to Day:  “Ceases To Beat” by Odette/Odile

Today’s song is “Ceases To Beat” by Odette/Odile. The duo take their name from the 1981 TOEI Animation version of Swan Lake.

Odette/Odile were commissioned in 2010 to write the theme song for the Anime Boston Convention opening ceremony, resulting in “Hachimitsu,” Japanese for “Honey.” Comprising producer Keith, a game designer, and vocalist Ashley, a visual artist, Odette/Odile often design Anime-style comics and characters representing their music.

Deriving much of their sound from Japanese culture and gaming, the song is about an inherent angst in a relationship. 

The electro-pop duo has powerful popping melodies with a kitschy lovable sound that draws stylistic roots from the Japanese J-Pop scene. 

The song which recently premiered on All Access Music is the latest track off their upcoming self-titled EP. 

Listen below and for more information check out her official website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.

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